Important message provided by the League Secretary

By Phil Kemble

Message from Tom Potter

Although I do not get involved in the likes of Facebook and Twitter social media sites, I have been informed of recent misinformation.

Some of the rubbish being placed on these sites are from people who have no association with the league - which is a blessing.

Comments about poor administration and favouritism are misguided and totally untrue, but the keyboard warriors enjoy spreading lies.

They themselves would have no clue on how to administer a league, but in their cellular world, they know answers to everything.

Those of you who understand and appreciate grassroots football will know the difficulties associated with administering a team and maybe a league.

So hopefully, you will ignore those who find it clever to attack those volunteers who provide a valuable service to teams who genuinely just want to play football.

It would also be helpful if the diatribe contributors bothered to educate themselves with the Laws of the Game and mandatory rules.

Their need to make comment and abuse administrators and match officials shows their lack of empathy and respect for such people.

Provided by the League Secretary.

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